Dairy-Free December

The holiday season has begun! That means holiday parties, family dinners, cookies, hot cocoa, and more. This time of year is a lot of fun but it can also take a toll on your health and fitness goals if you are not careful.

Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of attending multiple parties, events, and dinners with family and friends. While I loved the time spent with friends and family, I found myself overeating and choosing mostly unhealthy options. Of course, everything is fine in moderation (I’m all for eating fries, cake, and ice cream!) but it becomes a problem when I’m eating ice cream and junk food several nights a week. Because of this I have been feeling sluggish, having stomach aches, and not sleeping as well as normal. It’s crazy how much the food you eat affects you!

Well, I decided that I wanted to take charge of my health for the rest of the holiday season. One of my biggest weaknesses is dairy- cheese, ice cream, lattes, etc. While dairy isn’t inherently bad (again, in moderation), I am actually lactose intolerant. Milk affects me differently than others since my body has a harder time breaking down the lactose. This leads me feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

I decided that the best way to positively impact my health right now is to go dairy-free for December! Well, except on December 21 because my company is hosting a Christmas dinner at Chima and a girl’s got to have something to look forward to! However, I plan to continue with a reduced dairy intake even after December. I have gone dairy-free before for a few months at a time and it has always made me feel great- the challenge is keeping up with it!

I hope by going dairy-free for December, I will develop more of the healthy habits I used to have. I’m looking forward to no longer feeling bloated or sluggish but instead energized by the food I eat. I will keep you updated on this challenge throughout the month- sharing my experience, recipes, tips and tricks!

If you would like to join me in Dairy-Free December, comment below! I would love to connect and motivate each other throughout the month. And if you’re not going dairy-free, let me know how you plan to take charge of your health during this holiday season?



Author: Kelly Andreason

My name is Kelly Andreason. I am a 20 year old college student studying Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware. Check out my blog and connect with me on social!

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