Apartment Cleaning Routine

When I first moved out on my own, cleaning wasn’t my biggest priority. Obviously, I tried to keep things organized and I would clean if things got “dirty.” This method worked for a little while but not in the long run. I never thought of cleaning the inside of the microwave, regularly checking for expired food, dusting, etc. I needed a better way to manage all of these chores.

After living on my own for about three years, I’ve finally developed a simple and effective cleaning routine! I like having a schedule for my cleaning because I know I’m not forgetting anything and my apartment is always clean. Here’s how my routine works:

DAILY: I start off each day by making my bed- this is huge because when I get home at night, I love to be able to hop into a nicely made bed. After that, I’ll put away any clean dishes from the dishwasher and tidy up the apartment, if needed. In the evening, I wash the pots and pans, load the dishwasher, and wipe down the kitchen counters.

WEEKLY: I typically do my weekly cleaning on Friday or Saturday. I start with the laundry because that tends to take the most amount of time. While that is going, I wipe down all the kitchen surfaces- counters, microwave, sink, fridge, etc. I throw out any expired food and tie up the trash. If the laundry is finished, I start the next load. Then, I vacuum and mop all the floors. Once that’s done, I clean all the bathroom surfaces- sink, counter, mirror, shower, & toilet. By this time, I’ll likely start another load of laundry and finish by dusting.

I prefer to do this all in one day rather than throughout the week. Usually by Friday or Saturday, I just want a day at home anyways so I like to take the day to rest and clean up the apartment (usually binge watching shows while I do it). However, you could most definitely split these tasks up throughout the week if that’s more your style.

MONTHLY: These are the things that most people forget about or put off doing. And honestly, if you forget to clean the baseboards and vents one month I doubt anyone would notice. BUT, if you don’t clean them for six months, it will likely be much more noticeable. With that in mind, I wanted to include these odd-ball cleaning tasks so that they don’t get forgotten about. The most important one is deep-cleaning the shower (with bleach people!). It’s also important to clean your oven, vacuum underneath the couch, organize that area you’ve been putting off (i.e. your messy closet or cluttered pantry), and dust the baseboards and vents.

Since implementing this cleaning routine, my apartment has been consistently clean and organized like never before. I love coming home to a spotless place where I can relax and unwind after a busy day. I encourage you to either try my cleaning routine or create your own because the results have been amazing!

Below are links to some of my favorite cleaning products:

Author: Kelly Andreason

My name is Kelly Andreason. I am a 20 year old college student studying Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware. Check out my blog and connect with me on social!

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